The owners and staff here at Growlerz are dog lovers first and foremost.  We believe that dogs are social creatures who should get the chance to spend play time with other dogs. We believe that time spent with a dog can brighten your day, improve your mood, and reduce your stress.  

The Team


Welcome to Growlerz! Dogs have always been part of my family. No doubt that many of you have felt the same incredible bonds that form between dog and human across the span of a lifetime. I have always dreamed of creating a space that allows for the camaraderie of friends - human and canine - in a space that allows all creatures to enjoy a relaxed and friendly environment. Happy to share the realization of that dream with you all!


I was born and raised in the Chicago area.  I moved to Washington in 1992 and decided to make it my home. I have loved dogs since I was a little kid.  Playing with dogs makes me happy. I think everyone should do it.